Getting Started Series

Our Getting Started Series walks you through the essentials of using Optimizely to create amazing A/B tests. For more detailed information, you can also check out Optimizely’s Knowledge Base 

Articles in Our Getting Started Series
Before You Test The Five Steps in Every Test From Novice to Testing Hero: Your Optimizely Journey 10 Common Experiments (and how to build them) 10 Common Support Questions (and how to solve them)
  • A few helpful terms
  • Implement the Optimizely Snippet
  • Integrate with your other platforms
  • Map your experiment strategy
  • Administer accounts and roles
  • Create a variation
  • Target your experiment
  • Allocate traffic to your variations
  • Set up experiment goals
  • Preview, test, and interpret results
  • Structure
  • Process
  • Optimizely Setup
  • Optimizely Feature Usage
  • Site-wide changes
  • Test a CTA
  • Focus on the CTA in a funnel
  • Remove distractions in a funnel
  • Rearrange price points
  • Highlight navigation
  • Personalize with search campaigns
  • Personalize with cookies
  • Optimize forms
  • Promote a value proposition
  • Why don't I see results for my redirect test?
  • How can I change multiple elements at once?
  • Why did Edit HTML remove functionality?
  • Why can't I see changes to an interactive element?
  • How do I run an experiment on pages behind a login?
  • Why do Optimizely and my analytics platform show me different results?
  • How can I exclude internal employees from experiments?
  • How do I change an element that appears on multiple pages?
  • How can I track purchases as a goal?
  • Why do certain elements not load in the editor?


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