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Which version of Optimizely do I have?

relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely X Full Stack
  • Optimizely Classic
  • Optimizely Classic Mobile

  • Identify which version of Optimizely you're currently running

With the release of Optimizely X, you may be unsure of which version of Optimizely you're using: Optimizely X, Optimizely Classic, or sometimes both (if you're doing web experimentation). Here's how to figure it out.

If you're using Optimizely Classic or Optimizely Classic Mobile, your Home page looks like this:

If you're using Optimizely X Web Experimentation or Optimizely X Full Stack, your Home page looks like this:


See how these layout differ? In Optimizely X, menu options are in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Also, note the "Optimizely X" logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Switch between X and Classic

In Optimizely X Web Experimentation, some projects contain both Optimizely X and Optimizely Classic. Here's how to switch between them, with an explanation below:


  • Switch from Optimizely Classic to Optimizely X: click Optimizely X in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  • Switch from Optimizely X to Optimizely Classic: in the left panel on the screen, click Optimizely Classic.

Mobile SDK projects are either for Optimizely Classic Mobile or Optimizely X Full Stack for iOS and Android; never both.