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Troubleshooting: Access the datafile for a Full Stack project

relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Full Stack

  • Access the datafile for a Full Stack project
  • Debug and troubleshoot a Full Stack experiment 

The datafile is a JSON representation of your Optimizely Full Stack project. It contains all the instructions needed to run your experiments.

In general, you don’t need to access the datafile, but it can be handy if your experiments don’t update as expected. The datafile can help you debug a Full Stack experiment and confirm expected updates.

The datafile is updated immediately after changes to your experiments, but may take a few seconds to upload to the CDN. It’s important that you can update your experiments within seconds. If you’re experiencing delays longer than a minute, please contact Optimizely support.

You can also learn more about using the datafile in an Optimizely SDK in our developer documentation. Or, set up a webhook for the datafile.

This article applies to Optimzely X Full Stack. If you're using Optimizely X Mobile or OTT, check out this article about the datafile.

Here's how to access the datafile for your project:

  1. Navigate to the Settings dashboard and select the Datafile tab.

  2. Then, click View to see the content delivery network (CDN) link for the datafile.