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Everything you need to switch from Optimizely Classic to X in one place: See the Optimizely X Web Transition Guide.

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Training Services Overview

This article is about Optimizely X. If you're using Optimizely Classic, check this article out instead.
relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Web Personalization
  • Optimizely X Web Recommendations

  • Add one line of code to your site to start running Optimizely experiments (A/B tests)
  • Choose the pages where you'd like to add the Optimizely code snippet
  • Find your project code snippet in Optimizely
  • Decide where to add the code in your HTML


What is this feature? What does setting it up help the customer do?

Link to articles that describe how to use this feature:

  • Link
  • Link
  • Link

How to set it up

Step-by-step instructions, with screenshots where relevant. Use examples where it's helpful.

  1. Navigate to ...

  2. Click ... 


What else you might want to know

What are the "gotchas," considerations, or other concerns a customer should be aware of when setting this feature up?

This is also your place to add other information that you think might be useful for the customer.

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