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Create audiences in Optimizely X Full Stack

  • Determine which visitors can be included in an experiment based on certain qualities about them (attributes)
  • Create new audiences in Full Stack or add existing ones to your experiments
  • Create new attributes and use them to define your audiences

Audiences help you show your experiment to a specific group of users, based on conditions that you specify. For example, you might want target your experiment to users who've seen a specific AdWords campaign. Or, you might show an experiment to users on mobile devices only. 

In Optimizely X, audiences are reusable across multiple campaigns.

Audiences are composed of one or more user attributes. In Optimizely X, you can quickly create attributes and use them to define new audiences. Use the Audiences dashboard to create and manage attributes and audiences.

Unlike Optimizely X Web projects, Full Stack projects don’t include “out-of-the-box” attributes such as browser, device, or location. Optimizely’s SDKs are platform-agnostic, so we make no assumptions about what attributes are available in your application or their format. This requires some setup, but gives you full flexibility to customize attributes for targeting and segmentation. 

Read on to create attributes and audiences in Full Stack. Or, learn more about getting started with Full Stack.

Create an attribute

You'll use attributes to build the audiences that see your campaigns. Here's how to create a new attribute.

  1. In the Audiences dashboard, navigate to the Attributes tab.

  2. Then, click New Customer Attribute.

  3. Name the attribute key. Attribute keys must be unique.

    For example, an attribute for the user agent be called USER_AGENT.

    Your developer will pass them to the Optimizely SDK in your code, so always make sure to update your code with any changes made to your keys.

  4. Click Save. 

Congratulations, you've created a new custom attribute! Use the Attributes tab to manage all your user attributes.

Create an audience

Once you've created a few attributes, you can start building audiences.

Audiences help you target your experiments and personalization campaigns to certain groups of users. In Optimizely X, you can reuse audiences that you've created and saved, across multiple campaigns.

  1. Navigate to the Saved tab of the Audiences dashboard.

  2. Click Add an audience.

  3. Drag and drop the attribute into the Audience Conditions field.

    For example, to create an audience of users who are searching from a mobile web device, based on specific values in the user agent, add the USER_AGENT attribute.

  4. Then, define the attribute.

    Add other attributes, to help create your audience. They can be can be added as "and" or "or" conditions.

  5. Click Save Audience.

Now you can use these audiences when building campaigns, and reuse them as needed!