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Studying for the Optimizely X Technical Foundations Exam

This Study Guide is intended to help you prepare for the Optimizely X Web Technical Foundations certification. This guide is broken out into important content areas that you will need to know for the exam. Within each content area, you will find a list of key concepts and links to relevant Knowledge Base articles. 

If you are preparing for the Optimizely X Technical Certification, then this guide is for you. Regardless of your prior training and experience, this document will help you learn and/or review concepts required for the exam. It is designed to help you pass your exam. Please contact if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback.

This study guide is made to be taken in the suggested sequence, but feel free to jump around if you already feel comfortable with certain topics. Good luck!


The Snippet

Key concepts:

  • Optimizely Snippet implementation
  • Project code settings
  • Optimizely jQuery/ JavaScript
  1. Implement the Optimizely snippet
  2. Project Settings: JavaScript and Jquery settings
  3. Frequently asked questions in Optimizely X Web

Instrument your site

Key concepts:

  • How to manage and use Pages
  • URL targeting and match types
  • How to manage and use Events
  • Track metrics 
  • Create audience conditions and custom settings
  1. Pages: Choosing where experiments run
  2. JavaScript API reference
  3. Developer Docs: Read an experiment
  4. Setting up Events
  5. Developer Docs: Track common user interaction
  6. Create Audiences
  7. Developer Docs: Creating and editing an audience

The Visual & Code Editor

Key concepts:

  • Editing capabilities available within the Optimizely visual editor
  • Code editor
  • Activation mode
  1. Developer Docs: CSS
  2. The Code Editor and Variation Code
  3. Activation Mode
  4. The Visual Editor
  5. Responsive design in the Editor

QA & Troubleshooting

Key concepts:

  • Options for previewing and testing an experiment before starting it
  • Functionality available within the Optimizely preview feature
  1. Preview Mode and Cross-Browser Test
  2. QA in Optimizely X


Key concepts:

  • Conversion rates on the results page
  • Using Custom Attributes to capture visitor data
  • Stats engine results
  1. Developer Docs: Custom Attributes
  2. Custom Attributes
  3. The Results page
  4. Segment your results
  5. Developer Docs: Stats Engine results


Key concepts:

  • Available integrations with Optimizely X
  1. Integration overview
  2. Introduction to Optimizely integrations
  3. Developer Docs: Integrations


Key concepts:

  • What is the REST API?
  1. Developer Docs: REST API

Single Page Application

Key concepts:

  • How to work with single page applications
  • Creating experiments on single page applications
  1. Single Page Applications in Optimizely X
  2. Developer forum in the Community
  3. Developer Docs: Page level activation