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Studying for the Optimizely X Strategy Expert Exam

This Study Guide is intended to help you prepare for the Optimizely X Strategy Expert certification. This guide is broken out into important content areas that you will need to know for the exam. Within each content area, you will find a list of key concepts and links to relevant Knowledge Base articles. 

If you are preparing for the Optimizely X Strategy Expert Certification, then this guide is for you. This document will help you learn and/or review concepts required for the exam. It is designed to help you pass your exam. Please contact if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback.

This study guide is made to be taken in the suggested sequence, but feel free to jump around if you already feel comfortable with certain topics. Good luck!


Key concepts:

  • Experiment goals
  • How do you make experimentation core to your product development?
  • Using a goal tree
  • Primary versus secondary metrics
  • Hypothesis structure & prioritization framework
  1. Improve metrics that matter
  2. Using a goal tree
  3. Primary versus secondary metrics
  4. Use analytics to generate hypotheses
  5. Templates: idea submission forms


Key concepts:

  • Optimization Methodology
  • Building an optimization culture
  • Build an effective optimization team
  • Create a roadmap
  • Experiment length
  • Minimum detectable effect (MDE)
  • Behavioral targeting


  1. Optimization Methodology
  2. Use business intelligence to ask the right questions
  3. Use MDE to plan your experiment
  4. Create a roadmap
  5. Macro versus micro conversions


Key concepts:

  • Statistical significance
  • Interpret your results
  • Understanding winning, losing and inconclusive results
  • Take action on your results
  • How to share results with stakeholders and your team
  1. Share results with your stakeholders
  2. Interpret your results
  3. Tips for interpreting patterns in your results
  4. Novelty Effect
  5. Segment your results