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Studying for the Optimizely X Full Stack Foundations Exam

Congratulations! By deciding to study for the exam, you are one step closer to becoming certified with our Optimizely X Full Stack Foundations exam!

This study guide consists of dozens of articles that go into depth on every feature in our Full Stack product, containing knowledge needed to pass the exam.  Please feel free to also browse around our community and read interesting discussions by customers like you. Of course, the best way to prepare is to actually become familiar with using the product by running multiple experiments with statistically significant results.

This study guide is made to be taken in the suggested sequence, but feel free to jump around if you already feel comfortable with certain topics. Good luck!

Set up an SDK Project:

Key concepts:

  • What is an SDK project?
  • Access the datafile
  • Set up a webhook
  1. What is an SDK?
  2. SDK Projects and hierarchy
  3. SDK Projects 
  4. Set up your SDK project
  5. Access the datafile
  6. Set up a webhook

Create an Experiment:

Key concepts:

  • Create an experiment
  • Create audiences
  • Create an attribute
  • Create an event
  • Mutually exclusive experiments
  1. Create Experiments
  2. Developer documentation: experiments
  3. Create audiences and attributes
  4. Create events and track visitor behavior
  5. Create mutually exclusive experiments

QA and launch an experiment

Key concepts:

  • Create a whitelist
  • Event dispatcher
  • Logging and error handling
  • User IDs
  • Notification Listener
  1. Whitelist users
  2. Event dispatcher
  3. Logging and error handling
  4. User IDs
  5. Notification listener