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What type of snippet do I have?

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This article is about Optimizely X.
relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Web Personalization

  • Determine which type of snippet is enabled for your Optimizely account

In Optimizely, there are two distinct snippet types: the standard snippet, and the custom snippet. Because the steps involved in certain Optimizely tasks depend on which type of snippet you are using, you may find yourself wondering if your organization has custom snippets enabled, or if you are using the standard snippet instead.

Determine your snippet type

To determine which snippet type your organization uses, navigate to the Implementation tab in the Settings browser.

If your organization has enabled custom snippets, you will see a button that reads Create Custom Snippet... in the upper right corner, as shown above.

If there is no button in that space, it means your organization is using standard snippets.