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Using Optimizely X Web Recommendations with Personalization and Experimentation

  • Explore the functionality of Recommendations versus Experimentation or Personalization
  • Decide whether to combine Recommendations with other Optimizely X Web products

Optimizely X Web Recommendations can be combined with other Optimizely X Web products for more powerful experimentation and targeting.

Standalone Recommendations campaigns allow you to get up and running quickly. Simply choose the algorithm, placement, and layout of your recommendations and start running them on your site.

Add Experimentation to test and iterate on multiple recommendation algorithms and layouts at once. Or, add Personalization to leverage powerful targeting capabilities in your Recommendation campaigns.

Read on to learn about using Recommendations with other Optimizely X Web products.

Recommendations (standalone)

With the standalone Optimizely X Web Recommendations, you can introduce visitors to products and content based on the algorithm you choose -- and measure results.

Here's what you can do:

  • Create Recommendations campaigns

  • Set traffic allocation for a campaign to show a certain percentage of visitors the original variation or the variation with recommendations

  • Target the campaign to desktop or mobile visitors

  • Modify the algorithm, layout, placement, and header text of your recommendations

  • Measure the impact on your Results page and segment by mobile and desktop visitors

You won't be able to: 

  • Create more than one variation

  • Make additional visual changes to variations, beyond the recommendations

  • Use advanced targeting or results segmentation, beyond desktop and mobile visitors

Recommendations with Experimentation

Combine Recommendations with Optimizely X Web Experimentation for all of the capabilities listed above.

In addition, you'll be able to:

  • Experiment with multiple recommendations (layouts, algorithms, headers, placement) at the same time

  • Fold recommendations into other visual changes that you test in your experiments

You won't be able to:

  • Target audiences with Dynamic Customer Profiles (DCP)

Recommendations with Personalization

Combine Recommendations with Optimizely X Web Personalization for all of the capabilities listed above

In addition, you'll be able to:

  • Automate recommendations with algorithms for hands-off ROI

  • Use Personalization to take manual control of messaging for bigger audiences or special promotions

  • Target recommendations to specific audiences, available with Personalization

  • Configure different recommendations (layout, algorithm, headers, placement) for specific audiences and deliver them with Personalization

  • Use the functionality that Personalization offers for managing, running, and analyzing campaigns

Full Optimizely X Web suite

With Optimizely X Web Recommendations, Personalization, and Experimentation, you have full access to all functionality described above.

In addition, you can create variations within your campaigns, including your Recommendations campaigns. This allows you to target and experiment with recommendations, with the full power of Optimizely X Web.