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Set up a webhook for an SDK project datafile

  • Optimizely X Full Stack
  • Optimizely X Mobile
  • Optimizely X OTT

  • Ensure that you know when certain events occur in your datafile
  • Set up a webhook

How do you make sure your server application has the most up-to-date version of the datafile? Set up a webhook to receive an update every time the datafile changes.

A webhook is an HTTP callback that notifies your server application when certain events occur. Register a URL that Optimizely will notify anytime the datafile updates. Here's how to access the datafile for Optimizely X Mobile or OTT or for Full Stack

Here's how to set up a webhook, followed by step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Settings dashboard.

  2. Click the Webhooks tab.

  3. Enter the URL where Optimizely will send datafile updates.

  4. Click Save.

Learn more about webhooks, including the format of the webhook payload and code samples, in our developer documentation.