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Project settings: IP anonymization in SDK projects

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relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Mobile
  • Optimizely X OTT

  • Anonymize IP addresses sent to Optimizely from Mobile and OTT apps

In some countries, you may be required to remove the last block of an IP address to protect the identity of your visitors. Optimizely allows you to easily remove the last block of your visitors’ IP address before we store event data. If enabled:

  • The last octet of IPv4 addresses are replaced with zeros

  • The last 10 octets of IPv6 addresses are replaced with zeros

This feature is available at project level. Enable it for each SDK project.

IP anonymization is available for SDK projects in Optimizely X Mobile and OTT, but is not currently available in Full Stack.

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Enable IP anonymization

Here's how to enable IP anomymization in your SDK project:

Select Settings, then select Privacy, then select "Anonymize IPs" and Save.

  1. Navigate to your project in Optimizely. Select Settings > Privacy.

  2. Check Anonymize IP addresses for this project by changing the last octet of IP addresses to 0 prior to logging.

  3. Click Save.

That's it! You've enabled IP anonymization for this project. The last octet of IPv4 addresses and last 10 octets of IPv6 addresses will now be removed. The full IP address will never be stored anywhere and cannot be retrieved later.