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Manage experiments in Full Stack

  • Pause, archive, and change experiments
  • Use the Experiments dashboard

In Optimizely X Full Stack, you'll use the Experiments dashboard to pause, archive, and change experiments.

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Pause an experiment

To pause a running experiment, click the Actions icon (). Choose Pause from the dropdown menu.

Archive and un-archive an experiment

Archive an experiment to remove it from the Experiments dashboard. Optimizely keeps your experiment data, so you can un-archive the experiment later, if you wish.

To archive an experiment, click the Actions icon (). Choose Archive from the dropdown menu.

To un-archive an experiment, do the following:

  1. Click the filter menu and choose Archived from the dropdown.

  2. Then, click the Actions icon () for the experiment. Choose Unarchive from the dropdown menu.

Change experiment parameters

You can change the experiment parameters, such as traffic allocation, variations, audiences, and events directly in the Experiments dashboard.

  1. Click the experiment name to open the Edit Experiment flow.

  2. Edit your experiment parameters.

Changing your experiments will update your project’s datafile within a few seconds. It may take some time before your experiments are updated in production, depending on how often you retrieve datafile updates.

If you want your experiments to update in real-time, use Webhooks to receive datafile updates. 

In Optimizely X Full Stack, be careful when you’re changing experiment parameters, especially the experiment key and variation keys for a running experiment.

Don’t change the experiment key or variation keys unless you’re making the corresponding changes in your code. If you use a key that isn’t referenced in your code, no traffic will be sent to that experiment or variation.