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Manage collaborators and users in Optimizely X

This article is about Optimizely X. If you're using Optimizely Classic, check this article out instead.
relevant products:
  • Optimizely X Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely X Web Personalization
  • Optimizely X Web Recommendations
  • Optimizely X Full Stack

  • Set up user roles with various permissions in Optimizely X
  • Add or remove collaborators (users) to your account

In Optimizely X, users are called collaborators. Collaborators have different levels of permissions. Use the collaborator roles to manage access to your Optimizely X projects. They are especially useful when there are multiple people working on the same project or campaign.

The collaborator roles are:

  • Administrators have full access to all projects and account billing information. They can also add and remove other administrators. If you make someone an Administrator, they are one on every project. If you make an administrator anything else, they lose all privileges on other projects.

  • Project Owners can create, edit, publish, and pause campaigns. A project can have more than one project owner. Project owners can also create new projects and invite editors and viewers to the project(s) they own. 

  • Editors can create and edit non-running campaigns. They can also view results. 

  • Viewers can preview campaigns and view results.

Add a collaborator

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Select the Collaborators subtab and click New Collaborator.

  3. Enter the collaborator's email address, select the role and language.

    Then, select the projects the collaborator will have access to, and click Invite.

Features by collaborator role

    Viewer Editor Project Owner Administrator 
Campaigns View campaigns X X X X
  Edit campaigns   X X X
  Create campaigns   X X X
  Publish campaigns     X X
  Pause and unpause campaigns     X X
  Archive and delete campaigns     X X
Pages View pages X X X X
  Create pages     X X
  Edit pages     X X
  Archive pages     X X
Events and tags View events X X X X
  Create, edit, and delete tags     X X
Audiences View audiences X X X X
  Create audiences   X X X
  Edit audiences   X* X X
Results View results X X X X
Settings Snippet settings       X

*when not used in a running experiment