Date created: 6/3/2016

Technical skills needed to implement this solution: Familiarity with browser developer tools

What's the problem?

3rd party cookies are not present within the Resources tab of the browser developer tools.


Instead of using the Resource tab within the browser developer tools, you'll have to look into the Network panel for a request sent as part of a goal conversion. 

  1. Open up the browser developer tools --> Network
  2. Fire off Optimizely request
  3. Click on the request --> Headers --> Request Headers --> Look for the strings bucket_map and end_user_id
  4. Alternatively, you can click on the Request --> Cookies and look for the strings bucket_map and end_user_id

Why is this information internal-only, and not customer facing?

This is not really information that needs to be digested by a large customer base. 3rd party cookies are more for cross-domain tracking (which works inconsistently), as well as reconciling user actions within our Backend.