This article will help you:
  • View or change your account name or ID
  • Request to be added to multiple accounts and toggle between them
  • Change the name of an account
  • Access Optimizely support with multiple accounts

By default, each account name is labeled "'s Account" but the administrator of the account can change their account name by going to Account Settings and clicking the Change account name button.

From Account Settings, you can change your Account Name or easily retrieve your Account ID.

Adding users to multiple accounts

Optimizely allows users to log in to multiple accounts. Why would you use this ability?

  • You are an agency or consultant that manages multiple Optimizely customers, and want to be a collaborator on your clients' accounts.
  • You are an Optimizely enterprise customer with a centralized testing team that manages multiple accounts in your organization.

To be added to multiple accounts, just ask the Administrator or Project Owner of the account (depending on the permission level you need) to invite you. For instance, if you are and you need to be added to the project managed by, you would have Bob add you to the account, as pictured below.

Here's what Bob (the client) would do to add Alice (the agency or centralized testing team):

Switching between multiple accounts

Now, Alice can toggle between and any other account that she has been added to, by using the dropdown under her email address in the top navigation bar.

Here's what Alice (the agency or centralized testing team) would do to log into the client's account:

The account you're currently using will show up with a gray highlight. Just click another account to switch to it.

Changing account names

To change an account name, go to the Account Settings page, then the Account tab. Use the text field to change your account name, then click Save.

Here's what Bob (the client) would do to change his account name:

After the account administrator changes the name, the new name will appear in your account options.

Here's what Alice (the agency or centralized testing team) would see after Bob (the client) changes the account name:

Accessing Optimizely support with multiple accounts

When working with multiple accounts, it’s important to note that they might have different levels of support. Access to different levels of support may vary depending on your Optimizely plan type.

When you visit our the support section of Optiverse, it will display your support options based on the last account you signed into.

If you do not see the form shown above, it might be because you are signed into an account that does not have support options included. To resolve this:

  1. Click your account name in the upper-right corner
  2. Sign out
  3. Go back to the Optimizely Home page (not the Optiverse home page) and switch to the desired account
  4. Return to the Support section of Optiverse and click Sign In.

This will sign in based on your last-accessed Optimizely account and show you the support options for that account.