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Optimizely Knowledge Base

OpX experiments and results history

You can view the results and change history of your experiments using Optimizely’s web dashboard. That said, please note that you cannot make changes to Salesforce experiments from within Optimizely.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your organization’s Optimizely account.

    • If you have not logged in previously, ask your Optimizely account administrator to invite you to your organization’s account.

  2. Open the Optimizely app in Salesforce.

  3. Click the Experiments tab and open an experiment record.

  1. Click View Experiment Results to view results. From here, you can export performance and share results with others. You can also click Experiments Overview to access the same views as you could by clicking View Experiment Manager from the experiment record in Salesforce (described in the next step).

  1. Click View Experiment Manager to view information about this experiment, like change history.

Invite teammates to view experiment results and history

Your Optimizely account administrator can invite teammates to access the Optimizely web dashboard. We recommend that admins assign ‘Viewer’ permission to these teammates. Learn how to assign access here.