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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Manage feature deployment with OpX

The OpX app enables you to gradually deploy Salesforce updates to target users, making the process less risky.

To manage the deployment of a new feature, you will largely follow the same process for deploying an experiment, with a few modifications. For that reason, we recommend you familiarize yourself with that process first.

Here’s how the feature deployment process differs from experiment deployment:

  • For feature deployment, create two (and only two) variations, a baseline version and a new version.

  • Use the Traffic Distribution (%) field in your variations to control the percentage of users that sees each version. You should wait until off-peak business hours to change the traffic distribution between your variations, because you will have to pause your experiment first. This means that, until traffic distribution has been modified, your users will see only the baseline variation.

  • When you are ready to deploy the New Variation to 100% of users:

    • Pause your experiment.

    • Change the status of the baseline variation to Paused; this will automatically change distribution to 0% for this variation.

    • Change the distribution of the new variation to 100%.

    • Reactivate your experiment. 

  • When you are ready to deprecate the baseline variation:

    • Ensure the page layout, flow, etc. associated with the new variation is available to all desired Salesforce users.

    • Delete the page layout, flow, etc. associated with the baseline variation.

    • Pause or archive the associated experiment.