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Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce app (DNA)

The Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce app (DNA) enables you to track down-funnel metrics and conversions by associating a user’s online experience to a specific lead or contact and to send events between Salesforce and Optimizely.

Salesforce users can use DNA to see the experiment history—that is, a combination of visitor IDs and experiments, as well as the specific variations within that experiment—of a lead or contact to understand how that visitor experienced your site. For example, your sales or support team could see if a customer was offered a coupon or exposed to a different service experience as part of an experiment.

You can also use DNA to measure the impact of an experiment on valuable, down-funnel events by tracking Salesforce events associated with an Optimizely experiment. For example, instead of using an experiment to drive more leads, you can use it to drive more qualified leads or new opportunity creation.

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