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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Supported browsers for Optimizely

  • Identify which browsers Optimizely supports, which can be handy for quick troubleshooting
  • Ensure that your experiments and campaigns look and work as expected for visitors

When you’re designing experiments, you need to know that the features you depend on work as expected for visitors. If an experiment looks or runs differently than you expect, it might be a browser support issue.

Read on to learn which browsers we support for serving experiences to your visitors. We'll also discuss additional factors we consider when making decisions about browser support.

Requirements for building campaigns and experiments

Only the current version of the Desktop/Laptop Chrome browser is supported for building experiments and campaigns within the Optimizely app itself. Chrome's developer tools are user-friendly and work smoothly with Optimizely.

If you run into unexpected behavior when using Optimizely in a different browser, we recommend trying it out in Chrome.

Requirements for viewing Optimizely Web experiences

Visitors to your site will see your Optimizely campaigns and experiments as long as they are using any of these widely-used browsers:

For desktop
  • Recent versions of Google Chrome

  • Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari 7+

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Opera 17+

For mobile
  • Android Chrome

  • Apple Mobile Safari 6+

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Opera 17+