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QA: Whitelist users in Optimizely X Full Stack

  • Use whitelists to QA by showing experiments to certain allowed users

A whitelist is a permissions list that grants certain users access to an experiment. In Full Stack, you can use whitelists to QA by showing published campaigns only to a few, select users.

For example, imagine that you create an A/B test with variation_a and variation_b. You want to show a few key stakeholders the live behavior of those variations, to ensure that they look and work as expected. Use whitelists to show specific users those variations. Users who aren't whitelisted won't see those live variations at all.

When to use whitelists

Use whitelists only for preview, testing, and QA, and for no more than 10 user IDs. Forcing variations with a large number of user IDs will bias your experiment results. 

To target an experiment to a larger group of users, create an attribute for that group and target the experiment to an audience that contains that attribute.

Create a whitelist

Here's how to create a whitelist for an experiment.

  1. Navigate to the Experiments dashboard.

  2. Click the Actions icon () for the experiment. Click Whitelist.

  3. Specify user IDs and corresponding variations you want to force for those users.

    In this example, we forced one visitor into variation_a and two visitors into variation_b.