relevant products:
  • Optimizely Classic Mobile

  • Preview your mobile app experiments before launching them
  • Check that your variations and goals are being tracked as expected

Once you’ve set up the variations in your iOS or Android app, it’s time to see them in action. Before starting your experiment, preview it to make sure it looks and works as expected.

Preview mode is a powerful tool that can help you:

  • Verify that variations are set up as expected
  • Force variations to appear
  • Verify goals are tracking as expected
  • Test how variations of multiple experiments interact with each-other

Launch Preview Mode

There are four ways to launch preview mode as of SDK 1.6.

Method #1: This is the best method for sharing your experiments with a QA team.

  1. Put your app into Edit Mode.

  2. In the Edit Mode menu, tap Start Preview Mode.

Android, iOS:


Method #2: You can launch Preview mode from the Editor.

  1. Put the app in Edit mode and connect it to the Editor.

  2. Click the Preview button and select Launch Preview.

Your app will restart into Preview mode on your mobile device. 

Method #3: You can view Preview mode in the browser and share it with others.

  1. Put the app in Edit mode and connect it to the Editor.

  2. Click the Preview button and select Share Preview to email the link to yourself.

  3. Launch the link in the browser of your Android device.

Method #4: Programmatically enable Preview Mode on app launch by calling the enablePreview method prior to starting Optimizely. 


[Optimizely enablePreview];
[Optimizely startOptimizelyWithAPIToken:optimizelyApiToken launchOptions:launchOptions];


Optimizely.startOptimizelyWithAPIToken(optimizelyApiToken, getApplication(), mOptimizelyEventListener);

You can verify that the app is in Preview Mode by looking at the Optimizely orb. If it is in Preview mode, you'll see a light blue orb:

However, if you're still in Editor mode, you'll see a dark blue orb:

These orbs can be moved around or hidden if they are covering an important UI element.

Preview Menu

Use the Preview menu to switch between experiments and variations in Preview mode and check that views are tracked correctly.

Tap the Optimizely () icon to launch the Preview panel.

Android, iOS:


From there, you’ll see a list of all experiments that you have in your project. You won't see any archived experiments.

To see a specific variation:

  1. Tap to select the variation you'd like to preview.

    The activity feed shows you when an experiment has been viewed and if the visitor was counted. You’ll see a “visitor event” when you've successfully seen an experiment. You'll also see other goals and errors that are triggered.

  2. Tap Done to save your changes.