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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Post-Getting Started Guide

So, you’ve launched your first experiment in Optimizely. Congratulations! Studies show that 89% of companies believe they'll compete based on customer experience by 2016. You've completed the first stage on your experience optimization journey.

How did it go? Was the Visual Editor easy to use? Did you observe any significant differences in how visitors behave in each variation? At this stage, you may be ready to dive deeper into testing with Optimizely.

This guide covers a few key tips for creating robust experiments and generating actionable results with Optimizely. It covers optimization strategy, technical implementation, test ideas, and more. Use it to explore new functionality, build a strategic approach, and accelerate your testing roadmap.

Read on to learn how to: 

  1. Use the Code Editor to move beyond visual changes
  2. Integrate your analytics platform
  3. Perform robust QA
  4. Avoid skewing results
  5. Design bold, impactful tests
  6. Segment your results for more granular insights
  7. Brainstorm test ideas for your vertical