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Everything you need to switch from Optimizely Classic to X in one place: See the Optimizely X Web Transition Guide.

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Optimizely X Full Stack Resources

Optimizely X
Full Stack Resources
Welcome to the help guide for Optimizely X Full Stack.

Full Stack allows you to run experiments anywhere in your technology stack. This page will help find you resources for building and running experiments and learning from your results.

Get started with our SDK:

Check out our developer documentation for full resources about our SDKs.

Set up an SDK project:

Before you build experiments, configure your settings.

Build experiments:

Set up experiments, target them to certain users, and track key behaviors.

Meet Optimizely Full Stack:
  • Watch a webinar about the benefits of unified server and client-side testing, why you should experiment throughout the product lifecycle, and how to test applications developed with Python, Java, Ruby, Node, PHP, JavaScript.
QA and troubleshoot:

Ensure that your experiments behave correctly.

Analyze results:

Monitor the conversion metrics and KPIs that you care about.

Join the conversation and
learn more:

Ask questions about Optimizely's SDKs and learn how to make your app more engaging in the Optiverse Community for Developers.

You can also check out our Mobile and OTT documentation.