This article will help you:
  • Track conversion goals or events that occur offline, or not in a browser
  • Pass offline data to Optimizely

Offline conversions, such as phone calls tracked by call-tracking software, happen away from the webpage but may still be important to connect to Optimizely.

For example, in travel and retail, it can be useful to connect customer service data to the experiments you run. If you’re running a test that attempts to reduce confusion about a purchase process, you may want to track the number of related calls to your call center.

In B2B, you might want to connect Salesforce data to your experiment to measure the number of valuable leads.

Optimizely exposes a simple JavaScript API for tracking arbitrary conversion goals on your site -- but what about events that occur off-line, or not in a browser? The Event API allows developers to send impression or conversion event data to Optimizely from anywhere. Event tracking calls may be sent directly to Optimizely's logging servers.

To learn how to integrate your off-line systems with Optimizely, read our Developer Documentation on the Event API or share it with your developer.

The "g", goal ID, value is optional but it is recommended that they add it to their offline conversion. Offline goals without the goal ID will be processed by a backfill job before reaching the results page. As a result, some offline goals may not immediately appear on the results page.

Offline conversion events in results

Most offline conversion events will be tracked on your Results page like any other goal. Below, we describe a couple of ways in which offline conversions behave differently.

Are you trying to send conversions to a paused experiment? Paused experiments can receive conversions, but they won't be processed or visible on the Results page until the experiment is active. 

Depending on the variance in your conversion data, anonymous events may have an effect on Optimizely's statistical significance calculations, rendering the calculations invalid.