This article will help you:
  • Find results for the default mobile goals: Average Session Length, Sessions Per Visitor Per Week
  • Interpret results for these metrics
  • Remove the metrics from your results if they aren't needed

Optimizely measures the success of your Mobile experiment in terms of sessions. A session is a period of activity during which the app is foregrounded, without a break longer than 30 seconds. 

Imagine, for example, that an application is backgrounded, then subsequently foregrounded within the 30 second window. Optimizely does not count this as a new session. Instead, it counts a single session with a combined session duration. 

So, the following scenario counts as one session with a duration of 15 minutes:

  • A user foregrounds the app at 12:00:00.
  • The user backgrounds the app at 12:05:00.
  • The user foregrounds the app at 12:05:10.
  • The user backgrounds the app at 12:15:00.

On the Results page, you'll find two default session goals: Average Session Length, and Sessions Per Visitor Per Week. Read on to learn more about each type.

Default Session goals

Average Session Length measures the amount of time, on average, that visitors spend in the app within a single session. A session occurs from the moment a user foregrounds an app until they background it. Session length is calculated as the time during which an app was foregrounded.

Sessions Per Visitor Per Week tracks the average number of sessions made by users during a single week.


Remove Session metrics from the Results page

If you prefer not to see these metrics, you can simply remove the goals from your experiment. When you hover over these two default goals, you will be able to remove them from the experiment by clicking Remove.

For all other goals that you create, you will be able to edit, remove them from the experiment, or delete them from all experiments.