This article will help you:
  • Integrate Lytics with Optimizely
  • Import Audiences from Lytics into Optimizely

Lytics is an analytics tool that allows you to identify predictive audiences and use them across your digital marketing channels. Through the integration with Optimizely, you can target personalized campaigns to the audiences identified in Lytics.

For example, users who are members of the Dormant audience might receive a special promotion in order to bring up their level of activity, while Consistent users are invited to leave reviews or praise your brand on Facebook.

The integration combines Lytics' deep multi-channnel user profiles (Twitter, Facebook, mobile, email, web, etc.) with Optimizely Audiences to drive personalization on the web. Here's how to start:

  1. Add the Lytics tracking tag

    Copy and paste the Lytics Tracking Tag onto your site before your Optimizely Snippet.
  2. Make audiences available  

    Now you will need to make your audiences available to Optimizely by navigating to Manage Accounts > Edit Master > in your Lytics dashboard and selecting the check box next to Public Segments. Save your changes and you are ready to begin exporting audiences to Optimizely.

    Option 1: Reference a Lytics Audience in Optimizely

    To enable Lytics for a project, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and toggle the button to On in the right sidebar.


    You will be prompted to enter your data API Key which can be found here. Click Save. This will enable the Lytics integration for your project.   

    After enabling the Lytics integration, you can create Optimizely Audiences (or add Lytics to existing Audiences) based on company information in Lytics. To do this, go to the Overview > Audiences tab and click New Audience.

    In the Audience builder, go to the Third Party tab.

    Click on the Lytics drop-down and drag the Audience segment condition into the Audience Conditions. Complete the open fields by selecting one of the Lytics audiences shown in the drop-down. The drop-down shows all of the audiences you've defined in your Lytics account, including both custom audiences and smart audiences


    In this example, we created an audience with the following conditions:


    Option 2: Sync Lytics Audiences with Optimizely

    In addition to using the Optimizely audience builder to reference Lytics audiences, you can also sync audiences by using the Optimizely plug-in in Lytics.

    1. In your Lytics dashboard, click the Optimizely tile to Connect. You will then be taken to the connection page, where you will be prompted to enter your API token.

    2. You can find your Optimizely API key in your Optimizely Home page under Account Settings. 

    3. Once in Account Settings, click View Tokens, which will take you to the API Tokens page. Click Generate if you have not already generated a token. 

    4. After you have entered the API key and connected your Optimizely account, navigated to Actions in your Lytics account and click Export Audience. 

    5. Click Save and all of the audiences created in Lytics will be exported to Optimizely and will continuously update every hour. Any new audience that you create in Lytics will automatically be added to Optimizely's Audiences for you to target.