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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Integrating Optimizely with Clicktale

  • Integrate ClickTale to read data from Optimizely
  • See reporting on Optimizely experiments in ClickTale

Clicktale is now Contentsquare. The documentation will be updated accordingly soon.

If you are already running Clicktale on your pages, you can now enable Optimizely to notify Clicktale about which experiments, campaigns, and variations your visitors are using.

With Optimizely, you do not have to load the Optimizely snippet synchronously before Clicktale to avoid timing issues. You don't need to worry about sequencing.

Enable the integration

You can enable the Clicktale integration for a single experiment or for all new experiments. 

Enable Clicktale for all new experiments in a project:


  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Toggle on the Clicktale integration. 

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Select Enable the Clicktale integration by default for all new experiments.

  5. Click Save.

You may see this message: "Your project privacy settings currently prevent Optimizely from sending descriptive names to third party tools." If you prefer to send descriptive names to Clicktale so you can easily identify of experiments and campaigns, disable the Mask descriptive names privacy setting. Or, maintain your existing privacy setting and use the API Names panel to match IDs to descriptive names.

Enable Clicktale for a single, existing experiment:


  1. Navigate to your experiment or campaign in Optimizely.

  2. In the Manage Experiment menu, select Integrations.

  3. Select Tracked and click Save.

Confirm your setup

Once Optimizely is integrated with Clicktale, use Clicktale page events to search for particular playback recordings and confirm that data is passed from Optimizely to Clicktale.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Clicktale Session Player.

  2. Use Clicktale page events to find a particular recording.

  3. Under actions, confirm that the correct 'event' actions are associated with the recording.

Find recordings for specific experiments and variations

Once your integration is set up, you can use Clicktale to record visitor actions for specific experiments and variations. Use the events populated by Optimizely to search for specific recordings. 

Here's how:

  1. From the Clicktale Search dashboard, click Visitor Events.

  2. In the Visitor Events dialog, you can filter specifically by Optimizely experiment and variation.

Create custom aggregate heatmap reports

If you have an Enterprise Clicktale account, you can use Optimizely events to create custom aggregate heatmap reports for the following Page Events: Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Attention, and Scroll Reach. Set up this filter report to see the aggregate behavior of your visitors by Optimizely experiment.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Filter icon in the Filter row. 

  2. Select Page Events.

  3. Then, you'll see a list of captured page events that you can use to generate the required report.

Under the hood, our Clicktale plugin polls for the following three Window objects:

  • ClickTale
  • ClickTaleIsRecording
  • ClicktaleIntegrationExperienceHandler

Steps to troubleshoot:

Load the experiment URL with the following query parameters:


If you see the following error in the console:

10384 | Optly / Error in ClickTale plugin: Error: Polling for ClickTale timed out: 

Check their snippet and search for each window object: ClickTale, ClickTaleIsRecording, and ClicktaleIntegrationExperienceHandler. If any of these objects are unavailable, the user may have a customizing the ClickTale snippet implementation and you should recommend they reach out to ClickTale support.