THis article will help you:
  • Implement Optimizely via Twitter Fabric for your mobile app

Twitter Fabric is a modular mobile platform that makes it easy for developers to install and maintain SDKs within their apps. In the past, Fabric only supported Twitter’s proprietary SDKs, such as Crashlytics and MoPub. Now, it also includes a small selection of trusted partners, including Optimizely.

Developers can use Optimizely with Fabric and begin A/B testing immediately. Mobile developers using Fabric will be able to install and set up Optimizely in their app without leaving their development environment, and update the Optimizely SDK to the latest version with just a single click.

With this integration, you won’t need to create an Optimizely account. Optimizely will create one automatically for you and send you an email with a temporary password.

To start implementing the integration, go to Fabric’s install guide and follow the instructions for iOS (Objective C or Swift) or the instructions for Android (Java).

Through this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Install Optimizely’s iOS and Android SDKs in a single click.

  • Follow easy, guided instructions for implementing custom functionality such as live variables or code blocks.

  • Get notified as soon as a new version of Optimizely is available, then update your SDK in one click.

For more information, watch our three-minute Fabric Demo.

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