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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Integrate Optimizely with Slack

  • Enable and use the Slack integration with Optimizely's Program Management

The Optimizely for Slack integration enables anyone with Optimizely’s Program Management to track the status and collaborate on experiments and ideas through Slack, saving time and minimizing the need to bounce between applications.

To use the Slack integration, you will need:

  • A Slack account

  • An Optimizely plan that includes Program Management (Accelerate or Scale tiers)

Configure Optimizely for Slack

  1. Install the Slack app from the Slack app directory. You can use this button to install it now:
    Add to Slack

  2. Once the app is installed, type /optimizely into Slack. Doing so will connect your Slack account to your Optimizely account, via Oauth, and will display this message: 

  1. Click Connect to Optimizely to complete the process. You will then be redirected back to the Slack app, where you'll see a confirmation message.

Use the Slack integration

Users can subscribe a channel to a team’s activity feed using /optimizely.subscribe and selecting the appropriate team in Program Management. Once you do that, you'll see all the activity from that team in that channel.

To get a list of all Optimizely-related commands in Slack, type /

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 11.23.52 AM.png

Slack messages

Slack will send automated messages for certain Program Management or Optimizely experiment events. A Slack channel will only receive experiment notifications if an experiment is part of a project that's associated with a team the channel is subscribed to.

Learn more about setting up teams here.

Program Management notifications

  • Assign an Idea Stage to a teammate

  • Create an Idea from Slack

  • Idea Details modified (e.g. description, hypothesis, etc)

  • Idea Stage Change

  • Idea Status Change

  • New Comment on an Idea

  • New Idea Created

Experiment notifications

  • Experiment status change (created, started, paused)

  • Experiment passes 100 visitors


  • How can I tell which teams are subscribed in the current Slack channel?

    • Use the /optimizely.unsubscribe command to get a dropdown list of all teams currently subscribed to the channel.

  • I'm not seeing messages about comments or idea updates in Program Management.

    • First, make sure the team is subscribed to the current channel

    • If an update has not appeared after five minutes have elapsed, please contact Optimizely Support.

  • I'm not seeing messages for experiment updates.

    • First, look at the project where the experiment lives. Make sure it's associated with a team the channel is currently subscribed to.

    • Experiment updates occur about once every 4 hours. If it’s been longer than 4 hours since you've last seen a message, please contact Optimizely Support.

    • Update Nov 17, 2020: Due to the high data volume, the frequency of pulling the experiment updates has been decreased from a 1 hour to a 4 hour interval.  

  • I see a message that reads "This content can't be displayed."

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.12.46 AM.png

  • To resolve this, update to the latest version of the Slack app from the Apple app store. Once it's downloaded, close the app and re-open it. This will ensure you are using Slack’s latest block kit app.