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Integrate Optimizely with Asana

relevant products:
  • Optimizely Program Management

  • Set up your Asana integration
  • Create an Asana task from within Program Management

The Asana integration is designed for Optimizely clients who manage the tasks related to designing and implementing an experiment in Asana, and want an easy way to preview and update their Asana tickets from Optimizely.

The Optimizely for Asana integration is only available in Program Management.

Once your accounts are linked, you will be able to:

  • Create new Asana tasks tied to an idea in Program Management

  • Edit summary details of Asana tasks from Optimizely

  • Update Asana tasks as complete from Optimizely

  • Delete Asana tasks from Optimizely

  • View at-a-glance key details of the Asana task from Optimizely, including the task name, assignee, and due date

  • Easily access an Asana task by clicking the available link

Set up the Optimizely for Asana integration

  1. Log into Program Management and click on the appropriate idea.

  2. From the Idea Overview screen, click on the Tasks & Timelines tab on the left.

  3. Click the Asana Tasks tab.

  4. Click the Connect Asana Account button. You will be taken to the Asana login screen. Upon logging in successfully, you will be returned to the Idea Detail window in Optimizely.

Create an Asana task

  1. On the Asana Tasks tab, click the Create Asana Task button.


  1. From the Workspace dropdown, select the appropriate Asana workspace.

  2. From the Project dropdown, select the appropriate Asana project.

Both the workspace and the project must exist prior to adding any tasks to them. Workspaces and projects can only be created from inside Asana; you can't do it from within Program Management.

  1. Add the task name, description, assignee and due date. Select a parent task from the appropriate dropdown, if desired.

  2. Click Save. Your task will now appear in the Asana Tasks tab.


There should be a section for working with Asana tasks from PM, but for some reason I can't actually finish creating an Asana task at the moment so add this later.