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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Set up Optimizely Program Management

relevant products:
  • Optimizely Program Management
  • Optimizely X Web
  • Optimizely X Full Stack

  • Enable Program Management for your account

Optimizely's Program Management enables teams to experiment more, with tools for collaboration and program reporting at an enterprise scale.

This article will help you enable Program Management for your account. Let's get started! You'll need a collaborator with Administrator permissions on your Optimizely account set up Program Management.

Optimizely Program Management is available on select plans. Please contact our Sales team for access.

1. Enable Program Management

  1. You'll receive an email from the Optimizely Team. Click the link to accept.

  2. When the Optimizely application opens, select Accept in the modal. Click the Accept button

Great work! You've enabled Program Management for your account.

2. Create a team

In Program Management, a team is a group of collaborators who have access to a collection of Optimizely projects. Depending on their permissions, teammates can submit and score ideas, comment and collaborate on experiments, and view program results. Consider creating more than one team if you don't want members of one team to have access to another team's testing program.

We recommend starting with one team. Add more teams later, as your organization requires.

  1. Navigate to Teams in the left sidebar > Add a new team.


  2. Select the projects that pertain to this team. Later, you'll be able to import experiment results for experiments in the selected projects.


  3. Under Teammates, add new users to your team. Select a permission level for each and click to add the collaborator. Each team must have at least one owner.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.46.05 PM.png

  4. Click Save.

Great work! An email invitation will be sent to new teammates.

3. Add sites and touchpoints

Your sites and touchpoints are like a sitemap or filing system for experiments. They give you a high-level view of where your program runs experiments. They don't affect experiment targeting -- they're for organizational purposes only.

  • Sites: Top-level domains and apps that a team runs experiments on. Sites provide the most high-level view of your team's experimentation program. We recommend starting with whole sites, apps, or properties.

  • Touchpoints: Page categories or elements that you commonly experiment across. For example: a product details page or the global navigation across the top of your site.

Here's how to add a site and touchpoint:

  1. First, select your team.


  2. Under the Ideas tab, navigate to Sites and Apps. Select Add Site or App.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.29.04 AM.png

  3. Name the site and enter a URL. Be sure to include http:// or https:// in the URL.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.34.24 AM.png

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Under Ideas, select Add Touchpoint.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.35.34 AM.png

  6. In the Site dropdown, select your site to associate the touchpoint to it.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.33.43 AM.png

  7. Enter a name and URL for the touchpoint.

  8. Click Submit.

Congratulations! You've set up program management in Optimizely. Your team can now start adding new ideas to the Ideas dashboard.