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Edit and customize score categories

  • Customize the different score categories in Program Management
  • Choose the best scoring scale for your team

The scoring feature in Optimizely's Program Management comes with four pre-defined categories your team can use for rating and prioritizing new experimentation ideas. But what if those categories don't line up with the terminology or evaluation criteria you already use?

If your organization already has its own scoring rubric for ideas and hypotheses in place, you can use custom scoring to configure Program Management to reflect this. You can customize the score categories and choose a scale to match your company's preferences and processes.

When you customize score categories and change scales, those changes are made at the team level, and will only be applied to that team's ideas.

Before you get started here, check out our Knowledge Base article on configuring Program Management in Optimizely.

Here's how to customize the categories you use to score ideas, with step-by-step instructions below: 


  1. In Program Management, select your team, click Team Settings, and select the Customization tab.

  2. In the Custom Score Categories dashboard, you'll see a list of categories that you can edit. To edit the name, description or scale of a category, click Edit.

    Currently, each team is limited to four scoring categories total.

  3. To change the category name or the description, simply begin typing in the appropriate field. For example, change the default "Potential" category to "Profitability." Your description can be up to 350 characters long. 

    Custom categories can only be defined at the team level. Additionally, you can only edit scoring categories if you are a project owner.

  4. Team members will use the scale to quantify how well they expect an experiment idea to perform in each category. To change the scale, click the Scale drop-down box and select one of the four customization options.

    It's currently not possible to set a custom scale for categories.

  5. Click Save to finish customizing or Cancel to discard your changes.