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Study guide for Developer: Optimizely Full Stack Level 1 certification

This article will help you prepare for your Developer: Optimizely Full Stack Level 1 exam where you can earn the Code Composer Level 1 certification. Good luck!

Optimizely setup

  • These can help you organize your account into sections for different areas of your website, for multiple sites, and for staging vs. production environments. 

Managing Collaborators
  • Doing this enables you to assign people at different levels, and to share projects without giving others direct access to software.

  • Remember, in Optimizely terminology, collaborators and users are the same. 

How to create pages
  • When you set up a page, you can then choose the settings for that page (or for a group of pages), and then save them.

How to create events
  • Events are used to track behaviors and measure impact.

How to create audiences
  • Not all visitors are the same, so experiences should be different too. Creating audiences helps target groups of visitors with a common characteristic (mobile vs desktop, languages, etc.) for your experiments.

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