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Optimizely Web Personalization Resources

Optimizely Web
Personalization Resources
Welcome to the help guide for Personalization.

Here you’ll find resources that help you instrument your site, create campaigns, and deliver personalized experiences. If this is your first time using Optimizely, jumpstart your setup with this guide.

Other ways to learn:
  • Take the new Academy course for a self-paced tutorial on how to launch your personalization campaigns and get ideas specific to your industry.
Prepare your site

Before you build your first campaign, you’ll need to do a few important things:

Create campaigns & experiences

Create your campaigns and tailor the experiences with the Editor:

QA and troubleshoot

Use these techniques to make sure your experiment works the way you’d like:

Turn results into action

Dive into results to measure the impact of your campaign and learn more about your visitors:

Grow your optimization program:

Use the Optimization Methodology as a guide to building a strong, impactful optimization program.

We’ve put together the most essential content here, but there’s way more. Use Optiverse search to find more resources.