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Optimizely Knowledge Base

Install the Optimizely Desktop App

  • Decide whether to use the Optimizely Desktop App (instead of Optimizely on the web)
  • Download and install the Optimizely Desktop App
  • Troubleshoot issues and get support for the Optimizely Desktop App

The Optimizely Desktop App runs natively on your computer (Windows, MacOS). It's an app that allows you to use Optimizely outside of your browser. The Desktop App can help make the experience of editing experiments and campaigns faster and more consistent.

Use it to solve issues such as: 

  • Loading your site in the Visual Editor

  • Loading dynamic elements like AJAX content or single-page applications

  • Logged-in or cookied experiences, such as a shopping cart

The Desktop App delivers the same content as the Optimizely web application in a simple wrapper that loads on your desktop machine.

Download the app here:

Install the Desktop App

  1. Click to download:

       For a Mac OS (.dmg file, preferred over the Windows app)
       For a Windows machine (.exe file)

  2. Find the file on your machine and double-click to install.

  3. Enter your Optimizely email and password to log in.


That’s it! The Desktop App opens your Optimizely dashboard, where everything should look familiar.

When to use the Desktop App

In general, the Desktop App improves overall speed and responsiveness. Use it to load your website in the Visual Editor quickly and reliably.

Use the Desktop App

Use the web application

  • Your website doesn’t load or loads slowly in the Visual Editor -- or only part of the site loads (for example, the HTML loads but not the CSS or images)

  • Your website has dynamic elements that update after the page loads, like AJAX content or single-page applications

  • Code on your website prevents iFrame loading, popups, or automatically navigates away from Optimizely

  • You want to build tests on staging sites, which fail to load in the web application

  • You use logged-in or cookied experiences and need to edit a session-specific page, like a shopping cart

  • Your website strips out query parameters that are required to run the Visual Editor

  • You’re using a computer that you don't want to install software on

  • You like to use multiple web browser tabs when you work with Optimizely


The Desktop App doesn’t automatically refresh when others make changes to your Optimizely projects and experiments. We’re working on a solution, but for now, you’ll need to reload the Desktop App to make sure you’re working with the latest updates. To reload the Desktop App, press Ctrl+R on a PC or Command+Ron a Mac.

For help with the desktop app, get in touch with your Optimizely account manager or file a support ticket.