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We are currently experiencing an issue that is preventing customers from submitting support tickets. Please contact us at (866) 819-4486 if you need immediate assistance.

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Looking for an even higher level of support?

From basic setup to complex integrations, get the expert advice you need from our global team of Technical Support Engineers. Optimizely is committed to providing you the support you need to quickly resolve your issues and speed up your testing velocity while making sure you have the peace of mind that there is someone to talk to if things go wrong.

Standard Support

Standard Support is included with your subscription and gives you access to our best in class Technical Support Engineering Team through our online Support portal. All Standard Support customer are guaranteed a 1 day response time for their tickets submitted through the web.

Optimizely provides Standard Support during normal business hours for the region, as set out below. Customers are associated to one region for support and may only access Standard Support for the selected region. 

Americas: Monday-Friday, 6AM-6PM Pacific Time, excluding major U.S. holidays; 

EMEA: Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM Central European time, excluding major Netherlands and US holidays; 

APAC: APAC Customers are assigned the EMEA region, but for Critical Incidents, Optimizely may leverage either the EMEA or Americas team as needed. 

All Standard Support responses will occur during Available Working Hours of the customer’s primary region (EMEA or Americas). Standard Support customers can have a maximum of three Authorized Users within one region report Incidents to Optimizely. 

Priority Support

Priority Support is available to make sure you have peace of mind when it comes to mission critical execution.

Priority Support customers will be supported from both our Americas and EMEA regions in alignment with the location of the ticket submitter for expedited issue resolution. Additionally, customers will receive 24x7 support for Severity Level 1 incidents and the enhanced First Response Times as described below.

Priority Support customers will also have access to live phone support in addition to raising support tickets on the web and have an unlimited number of Authorized Users who can report Incidents to Optimizely.

Expected Response Times

Severity Level


Standard Support 
First Response Time*

Priority Support
First Response Time*

1 - Critical Customer website/application is unusable or unresponsive.
An Optimizely Service is causing a catastrophic problem to the Customer’s production website or mobile application, such as a complete loss of availability. Customer is persistently unable to continue essential operations and no temporary workaround exists (e.g. pausing the experiment or campaign).
1 business day
(during Available Working Hours)
1 hour
2- Urgent Key features of the Optimizely Service are unusable.
The Optimizely Service is persistently not operating in accordance with the Documentation. Performance of key features is degraded for the majority of Customer’s visitors. No reasonable workaround is available.
1 business day
(during Available Working Hours)
2 hours
(during Available Working Hours)
3 - High Normal usage of the Optimizely Service is affected.
The Optimizely Service is not operating in accordance with the Documentation. Performance of non-business critical features are degraded for the majority of Customer’s visitors.
1 business day
(during Available Working Hours)
4 hours
(during Available Working Hours)
4 - Medium Low-impact issue / request for information.
Enquiry regarding a non-critical technical issue or request for information on Optimizely’s capabilities; a minor bug; or any issue with a reasonable workaround available.
1 business day
(during Available Working Hours)
8 hours
(during Available Working Hours)

*First response time refers to the timeframe in which an Optimizely Technical Support Engineer reviews an Incident request and responds with a solution or clarification questions.

Support Features

Priority Support can be added to any Enterprise subscription if you desire an extra level of service. For more information, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.


Starter /




Enterprise & Standard Support

Enterprise & Priority Support

Optiverse: Online Community, Knowledge Base, and Academy X X X X X
Email Support   X X X X
Phone Support         X
24x7 support for critical issues         X
Expedited response times         X
Multiple Support regions         X
Number of Support Contacts       3 Unlimited
Account Management       X X
Onboarding Management       X X