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Everything you need to switch from Optimizely Classic to X in one place: See the Optimizely X Web Transition Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Optimizely X Mobile

There are two versions of Optimizely
What version do you have?
Optimizely Classic
This is what the Optimizely Classic user interface looks like.
Optimizely X
This is what the Optimizely X user interface looks like.
. If you're using Optimizely Classic Mobile, check this article out instead.

We've gathered a list of frequently asked questions about experimenting in native iOS and Android apps with Optimizely X Mobile below.

Just getting started with Optimizely X Mobile? Check out these resources: 

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Product questions

What's the difference between Optimizely Classic Mobile and Optimizely X Mobile?
Optimizely X Mobile is a new version of Optimizely's mobile solution: Optimizely Classic. It lets you run experiments on native iOS and Android apps.
We've redesigned Optimizely X Mobile for app development team and included many advanced features to give developers full control over experiments. In response to customer feedback, we've also retired some features from Optimizely Classic. Learn what's new, on the roadmap, or deprecated.
How do I switch to Optimizely X Mobile?
If you've been using Optimizely Classic Mobile, you'll set up a new project, install the SDK, update references to Optimizely SDKs, and start building experiments. We walk you through it here.
Do I have to upgrade to a new SDK?
We’ve completely rebuilt our Mobile SDKs from the ground up. They're now faster, simpler, lighter, and compatible with the new Optimizely X platform.  As a result, existing customers will need to do some upfront work to upgrade to the new SDK.
If upgrading to the new SDK presents a roadblock for your team, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Our Product and Support teams are happy to help.
How does the Optimizely SDK affect my app's load time?
Optimizely X Mobile has blocking and non-blocking initializers that enable customers to configure the impact on load time. You have full control over how the SDKs retrieve data from Optimizely; it's possible to bundle in a datafile with the app to reduce the load time by not having a network request at all.
Do experiments run if a device is offline?
Yes. If the datafile was synchronized from Optimizely the last time was the app was open or a datafile has been compiled into the app, experiments will still be triggered.  However, events won't be sent to Optimizely until the device is online again.
Will I see my Classic experiments in X?
Unfortunately, no. We’ve completely rebuilt our Mobile SDKs from the ground up, with many advantages and features for developers. Projects and experiments aren't shared between Classic and X, but here's a simple guide to migrating your experiments to X.
What's the difference between Optimizely X Mobile and Full Stack?
Unlike Full Stack, Optimizely X Mobile is a client-side solution. The Mobile SDKs allow you to test anything in your app. For example, you can use the Mobile to experiment with the look and feel of your app.
But you'll need Full Stack to perform server-side testing. If you want to experiment with business transactions, features, algorithms, and prices on your server, you'll need Full Stack.
How do I know which version I'm using?
Here's how to figure out if you're using Optimizely Classic or Optimizely X.
Does Optimizely support the Windows phone?
Not at this time. Currently, Optimizely X Mobile only supports iOS and Android apps.

Account questions

Do I have to switch to Optimizely X?
Currently, we don't have a deprecation date for Optimizely Classic. If you're an existing customer, you can continue to use Classic for now. But we highly recommend that all customers switch to Optimizely X as soon as possible.
With Optimizely X, we've released a family of products that help you experiment across channels and devices. In response to customer feedback, we've designed Optimizely X Mobile for app development team and included many advanced features to give developers full control over experiments. Learn what's changed and how to make the switch.
Can I try Optimizely X Mobile out for free?
Yes! The 30 Day Free Trial allows you to create Mobile projects in Optimizely X. If you're an existing customer, ask your Customer Success Manager to provision your account for Mobile to try it out for free.