THis article will help you:
  • Use Marketo lists to create Optimizely Audiences
  • Integrate Marketo with Optimizely so that Marketo can pass information into campaigns/experiments

This integration has been deprecated. To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or file a support ticket.

There is an internal-only troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article.

Marketo is a leading marketing product. Integrating Marketo with Optimizely allows you to create Optimizely Audiences based on Marketo lists, so that you can run tests and create personalized experiences targeted to specific leads or user groups that you’ve identified in Marketo.

This integration requires that you use Marketo tracking on your website and is only available for customers with select Optimizely Classic packages. Personalization customers can also use the Marketo integration with Optimizely Testing.

This guide will walk you through finding the needed within Marketo to enable the integration, as well as configuring the integration within Optimizely.

The prerequisites for this setup are:

  • An active Marketo subscription

  • Marketo’s tracking code installed on your website, as described here

Enabling Marketo Integration

Go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and select Marketo

  • In the sidebar you will need to enter your:
  • Click the “Refresh generated uploaded audiences every 8 hours” checkbox in order for Optimizely to sync your account with updated Marketo data at regular intervals

Creating a New Audience Condition from a Marketo List

  • Login to and navigate to Navigate to Home > Overview > Audiences
  • Click the New Audience button
  • Select Marketo, then drag and drop Marketo List into the Audience Conditions section.
  • The dropdown gives you the option to select any list that you have in your Marketo account, ordered alphabetically. If you have a list that you would like to use that is not currently supported, please submit a Product Idea for future iterations.

If there are Marketo lists that you’d like to target that are not included in the dropdown menu, please let us know as we scope the next version this integration.

Refreshing Data and Uploaded Audiences

New Marketo audience conditions may take between 2-4 hours to begin tracking the targeted groups. In the background, Optimizely will create an Uploaded Audience from Marketo for each audience condition.

In order to keep the Optimizely integrated Marketo data synced, you must click the “Refresh generated uploaded audiences every 8 hours” checkbox. This enables Optimizely to query the Marketo API every 8 hours to retrieve and sync new data. To see the uploaded audiences enabled through the integration, go to the Uploaded Audiences tab as shown in the screenshot below. Click here for more information on Uploaded Audiences.