This article will help you:
  • Allow comScore Digital Analytix to read data from Optimizely
  • View reporting on Optimizely experiments in comScore Digital Analytix

Optimizely uses comScore Digital Analytix’s “text labels” to tag your visitors with the experiments and variations to which they've been added. Once the integration is enabled, you will be able to build reports in comScore Digital Analytix based on Optimizely experiments and variations visitors have seen.

Enable comScore in Optimizely

To enable comScore Digital Analytix integration, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page. Select the comScore Digital Analytix Integration and toggle the button to On in the right panel.

Optimizely needs a log server url to send information to comScore Digital Analytix.

These boxes can be found in the Settings section of the right sidebar in the Integrations tab. To learn how to find this information, see the Log Server URL section below.

You can also check the box to enable this integration by default for all new experiments.

Make sure that your Optimizely experiment is running for this integration to work.


For most accounts, comScore bills based on log requests. Be aware that when the comScore integration is turned on for an experiment, an additional request will be sent to comScore on all the pages where the experiment is running. Please note, this extra request is a "hidden" request to add the relevant optimizely labels. It will not in any way affect the data.

Find your log server URL

In order to Integrate your Optimizely Experiments with comScore Digital Analytix, enter your Log Server URL in the Optimizely Editor. You can find these by looking at the source code of your page.


Below is an example of a comScore Digital Analytix tag on a webpage. The values are found in the <noscript> <img> tag at the end of the tag.The 'src' attribute of the <img> tag will start with the log server URL This is the Log Server URL.The values in the screenshot below show these 2 values:


For the scorecard url:

Log Server URL:

 For a sitestat url: 

Log Server URL: (where CLIENTNAME and SITENAME should be replaced)


The most commonly used logserver urls have the domain scorecardresearch or sitestat.

To enable or disable the integration for an individual experiment, go to that experiment in the Editor and click Options > Integrations. Then check the comScore Digital Analytix box.

View Optimizely Experiments in comScore

Once you've enabled the Optimizely comScore Digital Analytix integration and started your experiment, you can view this data in your comScore Digital Analytix account.

Once logged in, go to the report builder. 

  1. In the report builder, drag a Text label to Rows section.
  2. You can find the text label condition on the left side of the window under Label > Text Label. Drag the text label condition, which will trigger a dialog asking for a text label name.
  3. Choose “Optimizely experiment name”.
  4. After that, drag a Text label to the Columns section. Again you will get a dialog. This time, use your? “Optimizely variation name”.
  5. To create a report based on Unique visitors (called “Browsers” in comScore), you will have to drag the condition “Browsers” to the metrics section. This is an example setup:


This will result in the following report: