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Integrating Optimizely Classic with Skymosity

  • Install the Skymosity Snippet and integrate with Optimizely
  • Use Skymosity data to create Optimizely Audiences

The Optimizely weather add-on from Skymosity allows Optimizely users to target website visitors based on local weather conditions and temperature ranges. This integration has two prerequisites:

This guide walks through configuring the integration within both your Skymosity portal and your Optimizely account, and how to create custom audiences in Optimizely in real time.

Enabling Skymosity in Optimizely

Once you have subscribed for Skymosity, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and toggle the button to On in the right sidebar.  


Creating a Weather-Targeted Audience

When you integrate Optimizely and Skymosity, you will be able to target audiences based on the weather, using a Custom Tag. Here's how:

First, create a new Audience in Optimizely

In the Audience Manager, click on the Third Party tab. Click on Skymosity to see an expanded view of the two options. Condition allows you to set the weather condition from the drop-down list (rainy, windy, etc.) and Temperature Range allows you to input two inclusive fahrenheit temperatures.

Drag the condition into the Audience Conditions and complete the open fields.

Once you have set your audience conditions, click Save Audience.