This article will help you:
  • Enable Inspectlet within Optimizely
  • Filter recordings in Inspectlet by Optimizely experiments

Inspectlet is an analytics tool that allows you to see heatmaps and session playbacks based on experiments. Using the Optimizely integration, you can see the impact your Optimizely experiment has on your customers actions on your website. Optimizely will automatically set properties in Inpsectlet so that you can segment metrics for each experiment and variation.

Enabling Inspectlet in Optimizely

To enable the Inspectlet integration for a project, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and toggle the button to On in the right sidebar.


To enable the integration for a specific experiment, go to that experiment in the Editor, and select Options > Integrations.

Then check the Inspectlet box.

Viewing your Optimizely experiments in Inspectlet

 Once you have enabled the integration in Optimizely and started the experiment, go to your Inspectlet account and click dashboard. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Click “View Captures”.

You will be directed to an overview of all the sessions. On the right-hand side you should have the option to filter the sessions. At the bottom of the page is the option to filter based on “TAGGED WITH”.

Upon selecting the first field, you get suggestions for values to filter on:

 Choose an Optimizely Experiment ID and an Optimizely Variation ID, or an Optimizely Experiment Name and Optimizely Variation Name to see all the session for a specific variation. For the experiment “Inspectlet Experiment” with the variation “Variation #1” the filter would look like this: