This article will help you:
  • Integrate Freespee and Optimizely so that phone call conversions can be attributed to Optimizely experiments
  • Create a custom event so that Freespee can track conversions

Freespee’s is used to analyze and link back calls coming from online and mobile audiences to where on the web they came from. Integrating Optimizely with Freespee allows you to see which variation of an experiment the caller has seen.


Thanks to Freespee for providing the instructions and screenshots in their Optimizely Setup Guide!

Activating Optimizely in Freespee

  1. Make sure the Optimizely snippet is installed on the page, as well as the Freespee snippet.
  2. Login to your Freespee analytics account and open the Apps tab.

  3. Find the Optimizely plugin and click Install.

  4. Enable the Optimizely plugin by simply clicking Save (an optional Goal ID can be added before saving).


Enabling in Optimizely

  1. Create a new experiment or open an existing experiment in Optimizely on the page where you want to track offline phone conversions.
  2. Add a new goal. Choose a custom event goal and enter freespee_call as the name of the custom event.