This article will help you:
  • Integrate AVANSER and Optimizely so that phone call conversions can be attributed to Optimizely experiments
  • Create a custom event so that AVANSER can track conversion types

AVANSER is a call tracking and phone call analytics service that makes it easy to attribute phone call conversions to Optimizely experiments. In addition to active Optimizely and AVANSER’s accounts, this integration has three prerequisites:

  • Implementing AVANSER’s JavaScript on a page that includes your Optimizely snippet
  • Creating an Optimizely custom event to capture phone call conversions
  • Defining an AVANSER’s HTTP push that returns phone call conversion data to Optimizely

This guide walks through configuring each step. For questions or issues relating to your AVANSER’s account, please contact the AVANSER support team. 

Implementing AVANSER

Place your script tag in the <head> tag of each page on which you want to track phone call conversions. Example code below -- make sure to include your AVANSER tracking code and client ID:

<!-- AVANSER Call Tracking -->
<script type="text/javascript"> var AvanserOptions = { trackingCode:X }; (function () {var av = document.createElement('script'); av.type = 'text/javascript'; av.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + '' + (new Date().getTime());var h = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; h.parentNode.appendChild(av); })();</script>



Google Analytics must also be installed on your page for Avanser to function correctly.


Next, wrap each instance of the phone number you wish to track in a <span> tag with the following structure:

<span class="AVANSERnumber">your number here</span>

Define a Custom Event

Within an Optimizely experiment, create a custom event goal the uses the event name that matches the type of conversion(s) you wish to track. AVANSER returns five conversion types: answered call, unanswered call, missed call, busy call, and abandoned call.. Add this goal to all experiments that include phone tracking as a conversion metric. These conversion types correspond to the following event names: avanser_answered_call, avanser_unanswered_call, avanser_missed_call, avanser_busy_call, avanser_abandoned_call.


You must use the correct event name to capture each type of phone call conversion. AVANSER’s will trigger an off-line conversion when a phone call occurs, which will use this event name and your variation IDs to attribute the conversion.

Define an AVANSER HTTP Push

Contact AVANSER support ( or to configure an HTTP Push to pass each recorded phone call conversion back to Optimizely. Once the HTTP Push is configured, phone call conversions will begin appearing on your Optimizely results dashboard.