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Everything you need to switch from Optimizely Classic to X in one place: See the Optimizely X Web Transition Guide.

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Extensions: Template custom features in Optimizely X

  • Optimizely X Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely X Web Personalization

  • Use Extensions, or reusable templates, to easily make changes in the visual editor
  • Enable non-technical users tweak parameters of extensions like image carousels, banners, and lightboxes

Optimizely Extensions are reusable templates that developers can use to create custom features for non-technical teams. Extensions streamline experiment creation and reduce code duplication. Teams can use Extensions to add custom features to experiences, without ongoing developer support.

For example, you might use Extensions to build an image carousel style for the homepage and code it to rotate between images. From then on, you'll be able to quickly insert an image carousel on any page and modify the images for a specific campaign without writing more code. With Extensions, non-technical users can easily add and edit elements on their webpages that might otherwise require coding.

If you want to remove an extension from your snippet, you must disable it from the Extensions menu (Implementation > Extensions).

Optimizely provides a library of pre-built, re-usable extensions, which you can learn about here.

Other extensions you might build include:

  • banners

  • carousels

  • notification bars

  • lightboxes

  • popup modals

... and more.

To learn about building extensions, read this article in the Optimizely Developer Documentation.