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Access Optimizely data exports

  • Access Optimizely raw data
  • Determine what resources you will need to use the raw data
  • Understand how the data export process works and what you can expect

To calculate results, Optimizely relies on event data obtained through your experiments. These include decision events (from an experiment activation), view activations (from a page activation), and conversion events (from whenever a visitor converts on one of your metrics).

This data travels via two different data export pipelines: the raw events export service, which gives you access to all your Optimizely events, and the results export, which provides secure access to your Optimizely results data on the cloud so you can store, analyze, combine, or visualize the data as you see fit.

On the Results page, which uses data from the results export pipeline, you can export final calculated results to a CSV file. However, you might instead want to look into each individual event and the metadata it might offer. For this reason, our export process gives developers direct and secure access to their raw data through Amazon S3

Amazon S3's cloud-based online storage is a technical developer feature that will require some development effort on your end to set up automatic data ingestion or export one-off data. Optimizely support can help by transmitting and validating credentials using the steps described in our developer documentation. However, we don’t recommend any specific tools or applications to access the data, and Optimizely support can't provide ad hoc data exports.

For complete details about Optimizely's data pipelines, including how to retrieve your data from them, check out our developer documentation.

If you are an existing raw events export customer, you must re-file a ticket with the developer support team to receive access to the new version of this feature, even if you filed a similar ticket in the past. Be sure to include your public PGP key in the ticket.

If your Optimizely plan does not support the raw data export feature, please reach out to your customer success manager to enable it. If you do not have a CSM, submit a ticket to the developer support team to verify your plan and eligibility.