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Optimizely Pay As You Go plan

  • Use Optimizely without a contract
    whether the Pay As You Go plan is for you

Optimizely offers a plan type called Pay As You Go that lets you use Optimizely without a contract. 

With this plan, you get access to the full Enterprise Premium feature set for Optimizely X Web Experimentation at a fixed rate of $49 for every 1000 monthly unique visitors (MUVs) who enter your experiments. 

Use it to explore the capabilities of Optimizely X and experiment boldly. Sign up for Pay As You Go on our plans page.

Plan details

The Pay As You Go plan is $49 for every 1,000 monthly unique visitors tested on your account in a 30-day billing period. If a visitor sees multiple experiments on your account in a given billing period, that same visitor is counted just once. 

This plan is currently only available in the US dollar.

Billing and MUVs

Visit your Account Settings page to see your latest usage numbers. At the end of every billing period (every 30 days), we'll calculate your total usage and send you an invoice via email.

Set a budget

The Pay As You Go Plan lets you set a limit on how much you spend on Optimizely in a given 30-day billing period. We call this a budget.

This is optional but can be a helpful way to manage how much you spend on experience optimization. If you reach your budget, we'll automatically pause all your experiments.

You can change your budget at any time from your Account Settings page.

Support options

Customers on the Pay As You Go plan have access to online resources under Optiverse (Academy, Community, Knowledge Base) and can file support tickets online.

I’m an existing customer. What happens to my plan?

If you’re an existing Pay As You Go customer, you can keep using Optimizely Classic until March 1, 2016. We’ve also turned on Optimizely X Web Experimentation for you, so you can explore new features immediately and start migrating your experiments.

After March 1, you’ll be automatically switched over to the new standard Pay As You Go plan, which includes Optimizely’s new Experimentation product at the same price. Optimizely Classic will no longer be included in Pay As You Go after March 1.