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Filtering bots in Optimizely X Web

  • Identify which bots are filtered out by Optimizely X
  • Learn how bots affect experiment results, MUVs, and billing

Internet bots are software applications that run repetitive automated tasks over the Internet. Optimizely X Web filters out 21 of the most common bots, more than were filtered by Optimizely Classic.  These 21 bots account for approximately 97% of all bot traffic to Optimizely customer sites.  

Bots filtered in Optimizely X

The following bots are filtered with Optimizely X.



'yahoo! Slurp'




















How does bot filtering affect my account?

The following frequently asked questions will help you understand how bot filtering works with Optimizely X.

Does bot filtering affect the way search engines crawl my site?

No. In order to not violate any best practices, the different versions of your page can still be seen by the various crawlers. However, no tracking calls will be made. To make sure that your SEO is not affected, take a look at this article on AB Testing and Search Engine Optimization.

Do bots bias experiment results?

Bot traffic should not bias the results of A/B and multivariate experiments because Optimizely randomly distributes all traffic to your experiments between the variations that are running. For personalization campaigns, it is possible that bots have been included in some audiences. Bot filtering will give you an accurate way of identifying real visitors to campaigns, so we recommend continuing to run your personalization campaigns and monitoring results before making any adjustment to ongoing campaigns. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to learn more about your site's historical bot traffic levels.

How does this affect my monthly unique visitor allotment?

Traffic from bots that are filtered is not included in the monthly unique visitor allotment for your account.

Have I been billed for the bot traffic in my experiments?

We will waive any overage charges incurred as a result of bot traffic. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you believe you have been incurred overage charges due to bot traffic.

How can I estimate bot traffic levels for my site?

Optimizely X Web excludes bot traffic from experiment and campaign results as of 12/13/2016.  Contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to learn more about your site's historical bot traffic levels.