This article will help you:
  • Change your email and password
  • Update your alert notifications
  • Set your language preference

To modify your account and profile information, first, log in to Optimizely. This article walks you through how to change the personal settings for your account such as email, password, and languages in Optimizely.

To change any of the personal settings below, navigate to Profile > Preferences.


Account-wide settings shared across all collaborators live under Account Settings.

Change email and password settings

Your email address is used to sign in to your account and receive any correspondence from Optimizely. Your password must use at least 8 characters and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

When changing your password, you may not reuse any of your four most-recent passwords. If you try to use a recent password, you will see an error message: Password must not match a previously used password.

To access certain Optimizely features or file a support ticket, you may need to verify your email address. Optimizely will send you an email when verification is necessary.

Change language preference

Optimizely allows you to indicate your language preference. Currently, you can select from English, German, Spanish, French, or Japanese. This will translate the Optimizely in-product user interface, as well as change the language of any emails you may receive from us.

Optimizely le permita indicar tu preferencia de idioma. Puedes seleccionar entre ingles, alemán, español, francés o japonés. Esto se traducirá la interfaz de Optimizely en el producto, y tambien cambie el idioma de cualquier mensaje de correo electrónico que usted recibe de nosotros.

Optimizely vous permet de choisir la langue de votre choix. Actuellement, vous pouvez choisir entre l'anglais, l'allemand, l'espagnol, le français et le japonais. Ce choix se répercutera sur l'interface d'Optimizely ainsi que sur les emails que vous recevrez de notre part.

Optimizely ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihre bevorzugte Sprache anzugeben. Derzeit können Sie zwischen Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch und Japanisch wählen. Dadurch wird Optimizelys Benutzeroberfläche übersetzt und die Sprache unserer E-Mails an Sie geändert.


Change email alert preferences

If you’re an account collaborator, Optimizely can send you email alerts to let you know when you're reaching or exceeding your monthly unique visitors (MUVs).

Choose from two settings: 

  • Account usage is over limit: You'll be emailed once you exceed your budgeted MUVs.

  • Account usage is projected to go over limit: You'll be emailed when Optimizely projects that you'll exceed your budgeted MUVs in the near future.